Coinigy – 45+ Exchanges from a single account

I guess if you are using Binance and KuCoin then you have almost covered more than 50% of the crypto market.

But if you are someone who wants to dig deeper and increase their reach as well as reduce their risk by using several exchanges then Coinigy is for you.

Using Coinigy one can trade on 45+ Exchanges from a single account and trade hundreds of currencies from their palm with Coinigy’s Android app.

You can access real-time updates, alerts, and charts from various exchanges from where you can buy different cryptocurrencies.

In this way, you will diversify even your exchanges by buying/selling different cryptocurrencies at different exchanges, therefore reducing your risk of being exposed to one or two exchanges.

These features don’t come for free as there is a standard fee for monthly and annual subscriptions but the trial version is available for a month free of cost.